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We are Event Host Live! We supply, develop and coach the best Talent. We unite our talent with the most innovative and recognized experiential marketing agencies who create and produce live, hybrid and virtual events for the worlds biggest brands. We do it ALL, from sporting events, brand activations, conventions, corporate events, pageants, charities, festivals, galas, concerts, awards shows, private events and more.

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At Event Host Live! we supply the most experienced, diverse, and professional Hosts and Emcees in the industry. We partner with experiential agencies and event planners that are innovative, care about helping brands perform, and are thought leaders in the experiential marketing space. Is that your company? Then we should talk!


With over 25 years of Television, and Live Event Hosting experience, EHL Hosts know how to weave in event themes, create continuity, and drive deeper audience engagement. Events have different energies, vibes, and objectives and our hosts transform your event into an interactive experience that’s unique, engaging, and impactful. 


You’ve planned and prepared for your event for months, why risk a less credentialed “Guy on a mic” jeopardizing that. Give yourself sound peace of mind by letting Event Host Live! take that dedicated work and bring it to life.



Emcees (Multilingual)

Hybrid DJ/Emcees




In Arena Host




Sponsorship Activations

Launch, Internal, & Virtual Events

Concerts and Music Festivals

Fan Plaza

Mobile Tours

Award Shows

Multi-day meetings and more


From professional sports stadiums to corporate gatherings to celebrity galas, across the country from Los Angeles to New York City, any event that needs to be brought to life, Event Host Live is there.



We have a range of diverse talent to guarantee a successful event

We’re an excellent insurance policy in case a flight is canceled, a performer gets sick or another unpredictable mishap occurs, we can readily supply back up

Our premier talent base is located throughout the country

We’re passionate about creating an emotionally connected, engaged, and high-energy performance


We can consult on event flow, logistics, ideas for sustainability, and execution

Partnering with Event Host Live! is a guaranteed way to create unbelievable experiences for your clients and their audience!





Next to spiders and snakes, people are terrified of public speaking. Lucky for you, we love it! (Public speaking, not so much the spiders or snakes.)



At Event Host Live we’ve collaborated, coached, and consulted with senior leadership, On-Camera personalities & influencers, as well as celebrities on not just what they say and how they say it, but how their message is received. Moreover, we improve your teleprompter skills for a natural, authentic delivery. 


What do I do with my hands?


Public speaking isn’t exclusively about the words, body language is equally important. We coach you on stage presence and body language, so that your expressions match and reinforce your words.



When it comes to producing an event, we offer unrivaled perspective on event flow, logistics, scripting, and opportunities to connect with your audience more deeply.


When it’s your moment in the spotlight, we want you to be as comfortable and confident as you can be.


On stage you won’t take a nose-dive if you’ve coached with Event Host Live!



So you’re looking for a talent that’s female, speaks Mandarin, and can be local to Kansas City. That’s pretty specific, but we have you covered!


At Event Host Live we can shoulder the burden of sourcing talent for your event. From specific hosts and DJs, to bands, to variety acts we can save you time sourcing and booking the talent so you can focus your energy on the changes the client’s made…again.  

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