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Event Host Live is the world's leading talent and entertainment company. Our Hosts, Emcees, and DJ’s give your event a voice. From intros/outros of speakers, to interviews with special guests, to moderating panels, at EHL we know how to tie everything together and put the focus where it needs to be: on your brand and its audience.

Host on Mic

We Give Your Event A Voice

At Event Host Live we supply the most experienced, diverse, and professional Hosts, Emcees and DJ's in the industry. We partner with innovative experiential agencies and event planners who care about helping brands perform and are thought leaders in the experiential marketing space. Is that your company? Then we should talk!


With over 25 years of Television and Live Event Hosting experience, EHL Hosts know how to weave in event themes, create continuity and drive deeper audience engagement. Events have different energies, vibes, and objectives and our hosts transform your event into an interactive experience that’s unique, engaging, and impactful. 


You’ve planned and prepared for your event for months, why risk a less credentialed “Guy on a mic” jeopardizing that. Give yourself sound peace of mind by letting Event Host Live take that dedicated work and bring it to life.


Event Host Live is an experienced, reliable, and trusted voice for your event giving you no reason to scramble to find talent at the last minute or use an “in house” person again. 


Bringing people together, connecting with them, and making them feel seen and heard is what we do best.

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